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Ex-Mormon In-active mormon or whatever you want to call it...Community

Ex-Mormon, In-active LDS interaction Community.
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Haaa! Check this out, you can actually leave, become 'inactive', just slide way or fall out of favor with the mormon church or be frustrated and whatever. And by doing so, become an 'ex-mormon' so to speak for whatever reason. Well your considered that if you don't go there anymore and the exmormon community on LJ might possibly refuse to have anything to do with you either.

Here's their official notice to me:

Your request to join the "exmormon" community has been declined. You
may wish to contact the maintainer(s) of this community if you are still interested in joining.

Whats a person to do when this happens...hmmm, perhaps to have interaction with others of like mind or try to understand something therein a person must start their own community.

Thanks exmormon maintainers, when you see the community..., remember, you made it happen. I didn't complain, or come beggin..., or cry about it, I just took the next logical step.

If you want to interact or vent or just don't want to be 'as' controlled or feel that way somewhere else and will allow others the room they need to express themselves without being vulgar, and try to figure out who they are with basic good manners....welcome!

Being a member somewhere else is not a problem, you have free choice as long as you don't bring feuds or fights..., 'drama' they call it..., then come on in. :-)

Being 'ex'mormon doesn't have to be a negative thing, doesn't have to be inflammatory, attacking or even 'against' mormons because technically your just 'inactive' from their perspective. They have the right to go there as much as others have the right to...well, abstain for whatever reason.

In fact, a bishop has pleaded with me to come back, their missionaries have visited on several occasions. Having some kind of affiliation with mormons, whether in family or social interaction after having been there and still conversing with them should not be considered a bad thing. Well, I don't think so!

At times I go over to the LDS Temple grounds and walk around, relax, think, Its peaceful actually...good reflection time. I even converse with people who go there, both outside and in the Arboretum. I had many years, so many that to 'get away' from them, to never see and get recognized I'd...,we'll I'd have to find a deserted Island. Because I know that many people who are...

I went to a friends house, actually they are ex-reorganized LDS themselves. Who knocked on the door? A teacher, who was, not even a teacher yet when I knew them...just walked in and knew my friend. We said, 'HEY' I know you. Another one is a good close friend, the ex-mayor infact and High Council man.

I know this one girl..., she is sooo nice, quite the cutie actually, after one guy was completely out of line, she consoled me in the store and said, 'some people are just butt heads', your welcome back anytime. They are still good people and as I already stated...., they have the right to go there as much as others have the right to...NOT. So, its NOT a bad thing at all. I've got stories from WAAAY back..., but enough about that.

So be it, thank you exmormon maintainers..., you helped create exmormon2 by your actions and without hard feelings. Don't come bad mouth and get all freaked out, don't get all riled up and upset. Don't start with 'your rules' or give excuses or complain. Its ok, relax and live with your decisions. Peace out!
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